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Harga minyak mentah dunia (Crude Oil WTI) yang terus jatuh sejak September 2014 membawa pertanyaan penting akan seberapa jauh harga minyak akan terus jatuh. Tercatat sejak September 2014, Crude Oil…




Did you know that there are only “3% of the population control 70% of wealth” according to BCG Wealth Market Database.

This means that, unless you’re Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, or other world CEOs, it could be you and me are still included in the 97% of the population who do not have enough wealth.

Why only 3% of the population are considered to have wealth? Well, I guess the answer is because there are fewer people {3%) who understand and apply consistently WEALTH MANAGEMENT in their daily lives.

Do I have consistently implement Wealth Management? Honestly not. But I was on my way there at my age to 26 years. And I want to share my financial journey with you, even do it together. Why? Because my chances and maybe you to can create wealth through a successful wealth management is much higher if undertaken together rather than just themselves, fair enough is not it?

Then how the hell, do I implement Wealth Management? It’s easy, standard guidelines, Wealth Management can starts from the process:

Wealth Creation: You can not get rich if you can not make money.

• Wealth Allocation: All the money you have will be useless if you always run out without knowing and doing allocation of funds.

Wealth Protection: A lot of things can not be predicted, so you need to protect the wealth that you have gathered.

Wealth Distribution: If you have reached the third stage of the above, you need to prepare a wealth distribution that you have because everything is bound to continue to grow, even after you die!!!

So after knowing the principles of wealth management, what to do? Simple course, live every day consistently. Easily spoken but hard to do if alone. Therefore, I share with you my financial journey, so I do not always forget to reach my financial goals. If you also want to reach your financial goals, it can all start with moneyground money guide.

moneyground money guide:

Mindset: All must start from the mindset changes, well understand the basis of the Wealth Management and financial goals you set in 1, 5, 10, and 20 years to come from now.

Knowledge: Believe me, if you do not keep trying to add expertise in designing financial journey, you will only be going nowhere or even deterioration.

Inspiration: Find and learn from people who are successful in this financial journey. Make them inspiration and a personal goal to be achieved.

Opportunity: Find opportunities, more importantly, make your opportunities alone.

Action!!! : No one is successful without action. We do not need a giant leap, just make every little step with consistent every day, and you can learn from any mistakes that you have done during your financial journey.

Let’s try to be a member of an exclusive 3% of the world population together.